Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ok why am I doing this?

I was a person most vehemently against the whole concept of "blogging". What kind of term is it anyway "blog" .. sounds like someone just barfed all over the place.

Seriously who thought up this term anyway. I mean c'mon really?! when you hear it does it sound like something you would want to spend your time doing rather than well .... playing Warcraft or reading books or watching movies or whatever you do sitting in front of your computer, because let's be frank if you are reading this you aren't a person with a happening social life or a life at all and you probably don't have much to do besides sit in front of the comp do you?

But, even after this loathing I was realized that merely hating something based on it's name (no matter how stupid it sounds" is kinda like judging a book by it's cover .. and well I don't want to be doing that now do I?

So I decided that what the hell .. might as well give it a shot right. Now whosoever will be reading this "blog" be warned that my thoughts tend to be terribly profane in nature and censoring my thoughts really cramps my style. Now that that is taken care of I can swear in peace.

And so begins my "blog" ... even though I am yet to figure out what the fuck is a blog anyway? What the bloody hell am I supposed to do here? Pen down my "innermost thoughts"? ... let my "creative side" be unleashed? ... well we'll figure that out later .. at least I gave it a start didn't I?

Let the "blogging" begin ... dun dun dun ...

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